In response to countermeasures against global warming, an increasing number of companies are advocating “Cool Biz” campaigns, in which business casual clothing suitable for summer weather is worn at the office. In this context, In this context, Kuraray is to implement Cool Biz measures for 2009.Kuraray. Details are as follows.

Implementation period Monday, June 1, 2009 through Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Place Tokyo and Osaka headquarters
  • 1. Employees are not required to wear jackets and neckties, including during Company meetings or when meeting clients
  • 2. Air conditioning is set to 28 degrees centigrade, which is the ideal temperature advocated by the Ministry of the Environment
  • * Kuraray first implemented this policy in 2003 at Tokyo Headquarters and in 2004 in Osaka Headquarters.