Kuraray Co., Ltd. announces the following changes executive personnel (Scheduled effective date: Date of this year's General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in June 2009).

(1) Change in Director Positions

No changes will be made this year (all directors are expected to be reappointed)

(2) Corporate Auditors

New Position Name Current Position Remarks
Corporate Auditor Mie Fujimoto Attorney and Partner at Sakai Mimura & Aizawa Law Office New Appointment
- Toshimitsu Kitagawa External Auditor Resignation

(3) Executive Officers

New Position Name Current Position Remarks
Executive Officer Setsuo Yamashita Associate Director New Appointment
- Shuichi Takemoto Associate Director New Appointment

(4) Directors, Auditors and Executive Officers after Transfer

indicates a new appointment
No mark indicates either a continuation in office or reappointment to that office.

  Representative Director and Chairman Yasuaki Wakui
  Representative Director and President Fumio Ito
  Director and Primary Executive Officer Yoichi Ninagawa
  Director and Senior Executive Officer Shiro Kataoka
  Director and Senior Executive Officer Hiroaki Yoshino
  Director and Senior Executive Officer Toshihide Sakai
  Director and Senior Executive Officer Kenzo Sawada
  External Director Kensaku Aomoto
  External Director Takafusa Shioya
  Standing Corporate Auditor Junsuke Tanaka
  Standing Corporate Auditor Tadahiko Kujime
  Corporate Auditor Hiroo Onodera
  Corporate Auditor Hiroki Yamada
Corporate Auditor Mie Fujimoto
  Senior Executive Officer Takayoshi Ohsaki
  Senior Executive Officer Mitsuaki Manabe
  Executive Officer Noboru Yanagida
  Executive Officer Katsuya Hashimoto
  Executive Officer Mitsuo Matsumoto
  Executive Officer Kohei Maeda
  Executive Officer Yuichi Kawarasaki
  Executive Officer Keiji Murakami
  Executive Officer Shinzo Takemura
  Executive Officer Noritsugu Nagatomo
  Executive Officer Takaaki Fukumori
  Executive Officer Kazuhiro Tenkumo
  Executive Officer Yasuhiro Yamamoto
  Executive Officer Matthias Gutweiler
  Executive Officer Jean-Marie Baetens
  Executive Officer Nobuya Tomita
  Executive Officer Osamu Yamada
  Executive Officer Takao Akagi
Executive Officer Setsuo Yamashita
Executive Officer Shuichi Takemoto

(5) Career Summary of New Corporate Auditor

Name Mie Fujimoto
Date of Birth August 17, 1967
Education March 1991 Graduated from University of Tokyo Faculty of Law
May 2000 Graduated with a LL.M. from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law
Career Summary April 1993 Registered as an attorney-at-law (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
April 1993 Entered New Tokyo Sogoh Law Offices (currently Sakai Mimura & Aizawa Law Office
November 2000 Passed the New York State Bar Examination
January 2003 Became a partner of New Tokyo Sogoh Law Offices (currently Sakai Mimura & Aizawa Law Office (current position)