Kuraray Co., Ltd. has recently published the Kuraray CSR Report 2008 (40 A4-sized color pages), detailing the corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts of the Kuraray Group.

This is the fifth CSR Report that Kuraray has published. Having begun reporting on our environmental activities annually since 1998, we have published the CSR Report from 2004 as a new way to convey the broad scope of social and economic activities, in addition to environmental activities, in which we have been engaged in recent years. The 2008 edition reports on issues the Kuraray Group considers critical in the promotion of CSR, and it contains significant revisions in composition compared with the previous year’s edition.

This year’s report divides the Company's CSR activities into three parts—safety, the environment and society. As our editorial policy, we have revised the contents to reflect the order of importance that we consider necessary to promote our CSR efforts effectively.

As an introduction to fiscal 2007 activities, we presented targets and results of workplace safety and the environment as a synopsis and have clarified the status of our activities. Furthermore, we introduced the 10th anniversary of our efforts to hire handicapped people as well as showcased products that are of value to society, a topic about which we feel strongly.