Every year Kuraray produces a highly popular user-friendly calendar that takes nature as its theme. For 2009, the concept is "For precisely the reasons that Earth is so vital, understand the Earth as well as you understand your own body!"

This calendar was created in collaboration with Japan's leading popular science magazine, Newton, to enable everyone, from children to adults, to enjoyably learn about the Earth, our irreplaceable home. Each month, columns and illustrations present easy-to-understand explanations of our mysterious Earth, together with associated photographs of breathtaking landscapes from around the world.

The following provides an outline of the calendar and details.

1. Calendar Features

  • (1) Each month includes a science column together with graphic illustrations to help explain Earth's mysteries. The popular science magazine Newton has provided editorial supervision to set the theme of each column and to provide scientific authenticity.
  • (2) Practical, functionally decorative and user-friendly design.
  • (3) Date column provides ample space for writing in appointments and notes, while dates are shown clearly and in large type so that they can be easily seen from a distance.
  • (4) Handy B3 size (53 cm high × 36 cm wide)
  • (5) Thumbnail summary on page 14 shows column and illustration for each month with description.

2. The 2009 Kuraray Calendar "THE VITAL EARTH" Collection

  Title Column Theme Photograph
January How old is the Earth? Planetary Formation of the Earth Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guangxi Province, People's Republic of China
February What is the Earth's shape Forces Afflicting the Earth's Shape Off the Otago Peninsula, South Island, New Zealand
March What is the Earth's heart Ocean General Circulation Greenland, Kingdom of Denmark
April What is the Earth's temperature? Internal Structure of the Earth Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States of America
May How does the Earth Breathe? Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Migration Cycle Shark Bay, Commonwealth of Australia
June What is the Earth's spine? Angle of Axis Inclination vs. Terrestrial Orbit and Height of Sun in Southern Sky Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
July How strong is the Earth? Continental Separation and Drift Karakoram Range, Islamic Republic of Pakistan
August What nourishes the Earth? The Food Chain Primeval rainforest, Sabah, Malaysia
September What is the Earth's lifeblood? Terrestrial Water Circulation Off the Bahamas coast, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
October What is the Earth's skin? Atmospheric Circulation Sahara Desert, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
November How does the Earth protect us? Structure of the Earth's Magnetic Field Brooks Range, Alaska, United States of America
December Does the Earth have family ties? Terrestrial and Lunar Orbital Centrifugal and Tidal Forces Sekiya Beach, Niigata Prefecture, Japan