KURARAYKURAFLEX Co., Ltd. announces that it will revise the prices of nonwoven fabrics and products in its KURAFLEX dry-laid nonwoven fabric and KURAFLEX-MB melt-blown nonwoven fabric lineups, commencing with shipments made from October 14, 2008.
These price revisions follow previous hikes in July 2007 and February 2008.
It appears that the temporary surge in raw material and fuel costs has abated, although these costs persist at high levels. The Company has continued the cost reduction initiatives implemented to date while requesting price revisions. However, because these initiatives and previous revisions have not had a sufficient effect and the severe situation with revenue and earnings remains, the Company has decided to implement the new price revisions, detailed as follows.

1. Products Targeted for Price Revision:

  • (1) Entire lineup of nonwoven fabrics for household goods (hygienic products, wet wipes and other products)
  • (2) All products for commercial use (counter cloths and other cloths)
  • (3) Entire lineup of products for industrial use (wipers, masks and other products)

2. Price increase:

10% across the board

3. Effective date:

Commencing with shipments from October 14, 2008