Kuraray Co., Ltd. and Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. have announced that the price of NOBLE LITE KN methacryl synthetic marble will increase for shipments commencing on September 1, 2008. Details of the price increase are as follows.

NOBLE LITE KN methacryl synthetic marble features superior weather, heat and chemical resistance. Featuring an exquisite texture, high level of design and excellent workability while being easy to care for, NOBLE LITE KN methacryl synthetic marble is widely used for such applications as counters (kitchens, bathroom vanities, reception areas and cash register bases) and tables.

As a result of recent surges in crude oil and naphtha costs, the price of this synthetic marble’s principal raw material, methacrylic resin, has increased. Furthermore, substantial price rises for aluminum hydroxide as well as higher across-the-board overhead expenses, including distribution costs, have resulted in a rapid downturn in business profits for methacryl synthetic marble.

Given these factors, and in order to maintain a steady supply and improve profitability, Kuraray and Kuraray Trading have decided to implement a price revision regarding NOBLE LITE KN methacryl synthetic marble.

Details of this price revision are as follows.

1. Scope of revision

Domestic and overseas shipments of NOBLE LITE KN methacryl synthetic marble

2. Price increase

20% for all products

3. Effective date

Shipments commencing on September 1, 2008