Kuraray Co., Ltd. announces its decision to revise the price of high-strength polyarylate fiber, VECTRAN, commencing with shipments on August 1, 2008 as detailed below. This is the first ever price revision for VECTRAN.

The surge in raw material and fuel costs, resulting from high crude oil and naphtha prices, has significantly undermined the Company’s efforts to reduce costs in the VECTRAN business. Due to deteriorating operating revenue, which is making sound business development unavoidably difficult, price revisions are being implemented at this time.

VECTRAN is used to make such materials as rope, cable, cord and sheathing. Details of the price revision are shown below:

1. Scope of revision
high-strength polyarylate fiber VECTRAN
2. Price increase
15% increase across the board
3. Effective date
Shipments from August 1, 2008