Kuraray announces the decision to implement a 20% increase in the price of poval film, whose applications include fiber and textile product packaging. Revisions will affect domestic and overseas shipments commencing October 21, 2007.

Last year soaring mainstay material prices caused Kuraray to implement a revision on all poval film pricing. This continuing rise in mainstay material prices owing to higher naphtha and crude oil prices has significantly offset the Company's ongoing cost reduction efforts. In view of these circumstances, and in an effort to maintain the stability of supply while avoiding financial loss, Kuraray has implemented the price revisions set out below.

In addition to application as optical-use film, Kuraray's poval film is used in a variety of industries for application as fiber and textile product packaging, water-soluble film and mold-release film. The current price revisions will therefore affect industrial applications such as these.

1. Scope of revisions
  • (1) Poval film used as packaging material (for textile products)
  • (2) Poval film used as mold-release film
  • (3) Poval film used as water-soluble film
2. Price increase
3. Effective date
All shipments from October 21, 2007