Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Yasuaki Wakui) has recently published the Kuraray CSR Report 2007 (48 A4-sized color pages), detailing the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of the Kuraray Group.

This is the fourth CSR Report that Kuraray has published, having begun reporting on its environmental activities annually since 1998. In response to the rising emphasis on CSR in recent years, it has become necessary for firms to engage in a broad scope of social and economic activities in addition to environmental activities. The achievements of these programs were published in the Company's first CSR report, the Kuraray CSR Report 2004. The current 2007 edition is the fourth, and it summarizes the various CSR activities over the past year. In response to the comments of readers of the third edition, the 2007 report contains more detailed program information.

The report divides the Company's CSR activities into two parts-society and the environment. In editorial approach, the main focus is on the activities undertaken by employees to promote CSR, giving a direct voice to those involved. It also describes how Kuraray has furthered CSR through the introduction of products that that are useful to society. Moreover, the current edition was created with greater attention to readability and incorporates many principles of universal design.

Introducing the activities in fiscal 2006 regarding reducing CO2 as a means to counter global warming, the focus has shifted from CO2 to greenhouse gases, while the target for reducing emissions has also changed from the specific unit of production to the volume of emissions.

The Company has also achieved objectives defined in accordance with the Next Generation Education and Support Promotion Act and is engaged in special activities to commemorate the 80th anniversary of its founding.