Kuraray Co., Ltd., a supplier of Hydrogenated Styrenic Block Copolymers and other Specialty Materials, will raise prices of SEPTON, HYBRAR, LIR, ISOBAM and KURAMIRON in Japan and all other export markets effective June 1, 2007.

Increasing energy and feedstock prices have resulted in a steady increase in the cost to produce these specialty high performance materials. It is necessary to recover a portion of these increases to ensure ability to provide reliable future supply.

Product(s) Increase
SEPTON, HYBRAR Japanese Yen 35 / kg (US$0.30/Kg)
LIR Japanese Yen 35 / kg (US$0.30/Kg)
ISOBAM Japanese Yen 35 / kg (US$0.30/Kg)
KURAMIRON Japanese Yen 35 / kg (US$0.30/Kg)