Kuraray has implemented core management system restructuring with the aim of establishing a global management structure, more swiftly responding to ever-fluctuating market conditions and achieving higher operational efficiency. We are pleased to announce that the introduction of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (SAP R/3) is now complete, enabling the real-time gathering of management information at Kuraray Co., Ltd. and Domestic Group Companies. During the system's introduction, back-office sections and operational departments were enhancing operational efficiency by centralizing head office operations and improving their efficiency through the integration of sales, production and distribution information, respectively. Kuraray will not only advance its domestic management restructuring but also proceed similarly with the introduction of the SAP system in Overseas Group Companies, with the aim of completing a global management information system by 2010.

Details of New System

1. Global System Standardization

As a global strategy, expand the use of the standardized ERP system (SAP R/3) throughout the Domestic and Overseas Group Companies

2. Benefits of Introducing SAP System

Introducing SAP to cover all aspects of business at Kuraray and Domestic Group Companies, such as in sales, production, facilities, accounting and purchasing, will build a single system that gathers, shares and stores real-time information. Through these means, Kuraray will make its management more efficient and invigorate its organization.

  • (1) Implements inventory management reflected in production and sales planning and accelerates responses to customers concerning delivery times
  • (2) Contributes to prompt earnings announcements by gathering accounting information in real time
  • (3) Enhances management analysis by utilizing a data warehouse
  • (4) Makes operational management more efficient through paperless administration and electronic authorization
  • (5) Links supplier, customer and processing plant systems via the Internet
  • (6) Reduces system-related administrative costs by eliminating host computers and dispensing with outsourcing

3. Building System Increases Independence

By taking the initiative in installing the system, Kuraray prevented an inadequate on-site response and unlimited budget overruns due to excessive reliance on external experts. At the same time, Kuraray will shift system personnel skills to carry out its own maintenance after the system's introduction to eliminate outsourcing costs.