Open to the public, a special event has been organized to commemorate Kuraray's 80th anniversary and 70 years since the establishment of the Okayama Plant. Olympic marathon medalist Yuko Arimori will appear as guest speaker. Brief details of the event are as follows.

Kuraray was founded in 1926 as Kurashiki Kenshoku Co., Ltd. and celebrated its 80th anniversary in June 2006. The Okayama Plant commenced production of rayon fiber in 1936, and reached a 70-year milestone.

Taking this opportunity, Kuraray's Event and Regional Contribution Committee put forward the proposal to stage an event within the Okayama Plant and to invite a prominent citizen as a guest speaker. For this reason, Yuko Arimori was asked to attend.

Kuraray intends to open the event to the local community as well as people connected with the Company.

Yuko Arimori's involvement with Kuraray began when she chose ASICS running shoes, which use the Company's composite fiber SOPHISTA(*) as an inside lining.

  • * SOPHISTA is a composite compound fiber of Kuraray's proprietary material EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol polymer resin) and polyester. Due to its hydrophilic properties it is effective in moisture and water absorption and water diffusion. In addition, it also has a cool and refreshing feel due to its effectiveness in diverting body heat away from areas of the skin that act as heat conductors.

Further information

1. Date and Time March 13 (Tuesday), 14:00-15:30
2. Guest Speaker Yuko Arimori
3. Theme "Driven by Happiness."
4. Guests Kuraray employees and their families, former employees, local residents, junior high and high-school students etc; approximately 700 guests are envisaged.