ex. Food-industry sanitary garmentsex. Food-industry sanitary garments

Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka; President: Tetsuzo Kimura) and Kurabo Industries Ltd. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Hiroshi Niwa) announce the recent joint development of a new high-performance material for uniforms using EVOH fibers(*), with sales to be launched from April 2006.

The new material combines EVOH fibers, which feature superb adsorption and desorption of moisture, as well as quick-drying and cooling properties, with full-dull type polyester continuous yarns that are opaque and generate little dust. This combination of fibers was made possible through our proprietary manufacturing technologies.

Needs to improve working environments are increasing in the food service industry, including in food production plants, restaurants and fast food establishments. Such environments increasingly require countermeasures related to high-temperature workplaces, as well as measures to prevent the mingling of foreign objects into foodstuffs. These industries are calling for workplace uniforms made of materials that incorporate properties to meet these sorts of requirements. We expect the newly developed product to be able to address such needs.

The two companies have worked together previously to jointly develop and market work uniform products. With the addition of the newly developed product, the companies are aiming to expand sales of sanitary garments for the food industry and work uniforms.

  • (*) EVOH fibers use the EVAL ethylene and vinyl alcohol copolymer developed by Kuraray Co., Ltd.
    These have superior adsorption and desorption, quick-drying and cooling properties.

1. Product concept

A material for uniforms that provides a cool and refreshing touch by utilizing the cool feel and the moisture adsorption and desorption properties of EVOH fibers. The material contributes to comfort in the industrial working environment by enabling the creation of more refreshing sanitary garments for the food industry and work uniforms. Through the addition of this new product, we expect to be able to meet a wider range of needs.

2. Features

(Newly developed Type 1)
  • (1) Cool feel combined with superior moisture adsorption and desorption properties through the use of EVOH fibers
  • (2) Designed to generate little dust due to the use of polyester continuous yarns.
  • (3) Thin yet opaque due to the use of full-dull polyester filaments.
(Existing product Type 2)
  • (1) Cooling effect due to high heat conductivity
  • (2) Excellent sweat adsorption and quick-drying properties, plus a "point-touch, dry design" to prevent uncomfortable stickiness
  • (3) Blending of cotton makes for a gentle touch with moderate firmness.

3. Material

(Newly developed Type 1)
Woven fabric made from full-dull polyester and EVOH fibers
(Existing product Type 2)
Woven and knit fabric made from polyester, EVOH fibers and cotton

4. Applications

Sanitary garments for the food industry, work uniforms

5. Sales Launch

April 2006

6. Sales targets

First year: 500,000m

7. Price

Apparel wholesaler price: ¥700–¥800/m