On January 11, 2006, Kuraray held a kick-off event for its Sending Randoseru (School Bags) Across the Sea Campaign at the south observatory exhibition space on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. Celebrities who sympathized with the activity participated in the event as the Across the Sea Cheering Group. Kuraray also invited 20 children who are going to enter elementary school this April and their parents to the school bag presentation ceremony. Parents and children also enjoyed a photo session with the celebrities.

Celebrities who participated in the event (Across the Sea Cheering Group)
  • Mr. Koji Uehara (professional baseball player, Yomiuri Giants)
  • Ms. Sakura Uehara (entertainer, actress)
  • Mr. Ryunosuke Kamiki (actor)
  • Ms. Nelofar Torayama (interpreter, translator)
  • Mr. Takeshi Uchibori (photographer)

What is the Sending Randoseru (School Bags) Across the Sea Campaign?

After pupils graduate from elementary school, school bags that hold fond memories for them come to the end of their useful lives and tend to be consigned to closets though still in good condition after six years of scholarly endeavors. Kuraray started to fill disused school bags with stationery and sends them to children overseas as the Sending School Bags Across the Sea Campaign.

The Campaign was launched in 2004 and has made significant progress through the understanding and cooperation of the related parties.