Using a new polymer, Kuraray has developed an VF-PE optical-use poval film for polarized film for use in Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). Shipping has already started of some product samples to users, and preparations for the production of polarized film are underway, with large-scale commercialization targeted in early 2006.

Polarized film absorbs the light in a molecular axial direction, and conducts it only in a perpendicular direction in a shutter-like function. It is an indispensable component of LCD. The major material of polarized film is optical-use poval film. It is produced by dyeing polyvinyl alcohol in iodine and stretching it.

The newly-developed VF-PE optical-use poval film uses a new polymer, which compared to conventional optical-use poval film, allows it to stretch more easily and without breaking. Optical efficiency and polarized light efficiency have been greatly improved while maintaining superior manufacturability. It also delivers higher contrast, thinner construction, higher yield conversion and lower energy consumption costs.

Poval (polyvinyl alcohol) film has excellent transparency, dyeability, static resistance and stretchability, making it ideal for the manufacture of the polarized film needed in LCD production. It is also widely known that an enhanced poval is an extremely effective component for improving the efficiency of polarized film. As a result of Kuraray's research, we have succeeded in developing a new polymer and using it in optical-use poval film.

The growth of LCDs for use in monitors is expected to be even greater than before, along with increasing demand for domestic electronic appliances, including liquid crystal televisions. Furthermore, competition is intensifying in the flat-panel market for liquid crystal, plasma and other televisions. In line with growing needs for technological innovation as high-contrast, large-format screens become standard, Kuraray will continue to seek improvements in the functionality and manufacturability of polarized film, the indispensable component of LCD. In addition, as LCDs become slimmer, new functions will be suggested for polarized film.

To keep pace with technological innovation as large, thin screens become standard, LCDs will demand increasingly higher functionality and diversification from polarized film.

Kuraray is an industry leader in the production of vinyl acetate chemical products, including poval resin and film, EVAL (ethylene vinyl alcohol) resin and film, KURALON, and poval film for polarized film, providing stable quality using an integrated manufacturing system. Both the product quality and manufacturing system are highly regarded by customers.

As the leading manufacturer of poval film for polarized film needed in LCD production, Kuraray will continue to develop new technology and to improve product quality, contributing in this way to the expansion of the LCD market.