MW660 (for men)
MW660 (for men)
WW660 (for women)
WW660 (for women)

Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) developed PARCASSIO man-made leather, which is known for a luxurious feel and lightness on a par with natural leather, as well as ease of care. New Balance Japan (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has selected PARCASSIO for a new line of travel and walking shoes that will go on sale in July 2005. (There will be two models: the MW660 for men and the WW660 for ladies.) New Balance Japan has an established reputation for producing shoes that offer the optimum fit.

PARCASSIO is a luxury man-made leather developed by Kuraray that offers the characteristic lightness of man-made leather (approximately 30% lighter than natural leather) and ease of care, together with a soft feel and excellent air and moisture permeability. Because it can be worked using the same traditional methods used on natural leather, it also offers the look and feel of luxury.
New Balance Japan chose PARCASSIO for this new line of travel and walking shoes because its lightness and softness allow design and production of the most comfortable shoe possible, suitable for wear when on the move or in an airport, walking or in flight, whenever a comfortable shoe for walking is needed. In addition, PARCASSIO allows the design of shoes suitable for casual wear, business, and a broad range of other applications. Its suitability is further enhanced by the ease with which it is cared for. Even on long trips or in rainy weather, a quick wipe is all that is required.

Since Kuraray introduced CLARINO in 1965, it has remained the leading manufacturer of man-made leather by constant study of natural leather and the development of new materials. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Company's participation in this industry, and it remains committed to expanding its man-made leather business through the development of highly original new materials through the honing of its technological expertise in the areas of nonwoven fabrics and processing.

* About New Balance
New Balance was established in 1906 in the U. S. city of Boston to manufacture arch-support insoles and corrective shoes for the treatment of flat feet. The name of the company is reflective of their desire to provide people with something "new" that would help their "balance." In the 1970s the company turned its wealth of knowledge in the areas of anatomy, orthopedics, and exercise physiology to the design and manufacturing of running shoes, and today produces gear for a number of different sports. New Balance fuses its accumulated know-how with the latest technology to produce the world's most functional and comfortable sports shoes. They plan to launch a "walking fair" campaign targeting prominent stores in August 2005.

Characteristics of PARCASSIO

(1) Luxurious feel on a par with that of premium natural leather.
  • Kuraray employed its proprietary non-woven fabric technology to intertwine nylon fiber and nylon microfiber (0.07dtex and 0.0001dtex) using a three-dimensional intertwining process to produce a high-density non-woven fabric with a uniform degree of stretch regardless of the orientation of stress. In addition, these non-woven fabrics are reinforced with special polyurethane resin.
  • Use of traditional leather-working technology confers the look and feel of luxury.
(2) Air and moisture permeability
Special surface treatment enhances air and moisture permeability.
(3) Soft comfort
The use of a nonwoven fabric made of nylon fiber and nylon microfiber results in pliability, and Kuraray's developed polyurethane layer technology confers softness.
(4) Lightness
PARCASSIO is only 70% as heavy as natural leather.
(5) Ease of care
Never requires more than wiping with a damp cloth.

The new line of travel and walking shoes from New Balance Japan

Product name : MW660 (for men)

Widths and sizes Up to EE, 24.0 to 28.0cm
Colors Brown and black
Price ¥10,290 (¥9,800 before tax)
Availability From July 2005

Product name : WW660 (for women)

Widths and sizes Up to EE, 22.0 to 25.0cm
Colors Red and mahogany, black, and off-white
Price ¥9,765 (¥9,300 before tax)
Availability From July 2005