Kuraray has completed the expansion of its 1,9-Nonanediamine production capacity to 1,700 tons per year. This material is one of the primary materials used in manufacturing the heat-resistant polyamide resin GENESTAR, and, with the completion of this project, Kuraray's GENESTAR manufacturing system (with a capacity of 3,000 tons per year of neat polymer) is complete.

Kuraray was first in the world to industrialize the proprietary monomer 1,9-Nonanediamine (in which the carbon number is 9), and GENESTAR is a polyamide resin (Polyamide 9T) that is made using this monomer. GENESTAR is a semi-aromatic polyamide with a unique molecular structure that combines an aromatic ring with a higher aliphatic chain. It has excellent heat resistance, low water absorbency, low friction coefficient, and chemical resistance.

In recent years, surface-mount technology (SMT) has become increasingly used in the electrical and electronic parts field. Demand for GENESTAR has flourished because its resistance to high temperatures makes it suitable for use with lead-free solder especially in card connector applications for mobile telephones, personal computers, and smart media. In the future, GENESTAR will be also used in the automotive industry for bearing retainers in engine compartments and various types of gear, as well as in other fields where a highly heat resistant and low friction coefficient material is needed.

Characteristics of GENESTAR

(1) Excellent heat resistance (durability under high temperature conditions, resistance to the heat of soldering)
Excellent heat resistance (durability under high temperature conditions, resistance to the heat of soldering)
High melting point (306℃) and low water absorbency guard against blistering during surface mounting.
Resistance to the heat of soldering is 270℃, in comparison to 260℃ for modified polyamide 6T and 240℃ for polyamide 46.
(2) Low water absorbency
GENESTAR has the lowest water absorbency of any polyamide, so will show virtually no change in dimensions or degradation of machinery function as a result of water absorption. It has approximately 1/3 the coefficient of water absorption of Polyamide 6T, and approximately 1/10 that of Polyamide 46.
(3) Low coefficient of friction
(4) Excellent moldability
Because it has high liquidity, it is suitable for thin wall molding.
Rapid crystallization makes it suitable for high cycle molding.
t emits little of the gasses that foul molds, and so extends the useful life of molds.

Molecular Structure of GENESTAR Molecular Structure of GENESTAR

Manufacturing facilities:

1,9-Nonanediamine monomer

Capacity 1,700 tons per year
(+500ton expansion project completed in July 2004 at an investment of ¥800 million)
Location of facilities Kuraray's Kashima Plant (Oaza Higashi Wada 36, Kamisu-machi, Kashima-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan)


Capacity 3,000 tons per year of neat polymer base
Location of facilities Kuraray Saijo Co., Ltd. (892 Tsuitachi, Saijo, Ehime Prefecture)