Chemical manufacturer Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka; President: Yasuaki Wakui) has developed the Megaflow F Series next-generation circulation and filtration system for swimming pools, which uses filter cartridges containing a large-pore membrane filter element. In early September the Company will commence full-scale marketing of this system to elementary, junior high and high schools, universities, municipal and local governments, and other public and private facilities. The hollow-fiber membranes with a pore diameter of 0.1 micron that are used in high-efficiency filters for households have the drawbacks of inadequate quality and high cost when converted to pool use. To overcome this, Kuraray developed a hollow-fiber membrane with a pore diameter of 2.5 microns, approximately 20 times that of earlier products, working from the need to increase flow volume. The Megaflow F Series is compact and fully automatic, which makes it easy to use, and because running costs are low, this revolutionary new system makes it possible to operate a pool with a high level of transparency.

Currently available circulation and filtration systems for swimming pools use sand or diatom earth as filtration media. These materials are difficult to use, and when changed, the pool operator is left with a large quantity of waste sand or diatom earth to dispose of. In addition, it is necessary to add flocculating agents to the pool water at private-sector facilities to increase transparency.

Circulation and filtration systems using sand or diatom earth have been in use for 30 years. With its new large-pore filter membrane technology, Kuraray is seeking to market the next-generation of circulation and filtration systems.

befor operation of Megaflow before operation

after 24h operation of Megaflow after 24h operation

The Megaflow F Series uses a hollow-fiber membrane with a pore diameter of 2.5 microns, which is 5 to 10 microns finer than the sand filtration systems now in use, which means that the new system will filter substances that cause turbidity and allow simple pool operation without the use of flocculants or other chemicals. In addition, changing the filter medium does not require dealing with large amounts of sand. The operator simply replaces the cartridge, which measures 9cm by 50cm. Old cartridges can be incinerated.Automatic control of operation means uniform pool water quality.

When previously used filter media became clogged, it was necessary to unclog them by performing an operation called "backwashing." This had the side effect of washing large quantities of impurities back into the pool water. It was also necessary to replace the water used in backwashing, which added to operating expenses. In addition, impurities filtered from the pool and retained in the filter element until backwashing required the addition of disinfectants in quantities greater than normal, which gave rise to the risk of reactions in swimmers with sensitivities.

With the Megaflow F Series, the clearing of a clogged filter is done by blowing it out with air, so there is no unwarranted usage of water, thereby reducing water and sewage expenses, as well as the electricity bill.

Kuraray is proud to announce this revolutionary Megaflow F Series next-generation circulation and filtration system for swimming pools. This product is a quantum leap forward in comparison to old systems that used sand or diatom earth as filtration media.


(1) Product name
Megaflow F Series
(2) Cartridge
Hollow-fiber membrane - hydrophilic polysulfone with a pore diameter of 2.5 microns
Dimensions - 9cm x 50cm
Effective filtration area - 3.3m² per unit
(3) Main filter unit
Material - stainless steel
Dimensions - 415 (W) x 1130 (D) x 1380 (H)
Weight - 175kg ,etc

2. Principal Characteristics of the Megaflow F Series

Megaflow F Series

(1) High transparency
Filtration of extremely small impurities results in a turbidity index of less than 0.1.
(2) Compact design requires little space
The Megaflow F is much smaller than previously available circulation and filtration systems.
(3) Easily installed
At 175kg, the Megaflow F is much lighter than earlier systems, which weighed 3 to 4 tons. Thesimplicity of installation and hookup reduces construction costs.
(4) Easy to operate
Filtration, cleaning, and other major functions are automated, so virtually no day-to-day equipment management is required.
(5) Low running costs
Because the impurity extraction coefficient is high, the rate of circulation does not need to be as often as with other systems. This allows significant savings on electricity. In addition, because clogged filters are cleared using air, this operation results in virtually no discharge of water, so little supplementation of pool water is required. This conserves pool water and saves on water and sewage bills. Finally, less disinfectant is required than with systems using sand filtration media.
(6) Filters are easily disposed of
All that is required is to replace the cartridge. Previous systems required operators to dispose of used sand or diatom earth.

3. Target markets

  • (1) Elementary, junior high, high school and university pools
  • (2) Pools at public facilities
  • (3) Pools at private facilities

4. Scope of sales

First year, ¥500 million
After three years, ¥5,000 million