The environmental management system of Magictape Co., Ltd. has received ISO14001 certification from the Japan Quality Assurance Organization. Magictape, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuraray Co., Ltd. headquartered in Maruoka-cho, Sakai-gun, Fukui Prefecture, is the first Japanese producer of a hook and loop fastener (marketed under the MAGIC TAPE brand name) and a molded plastic hook and loop fastener to achieve ISO14001 certification.

A manufacturing subsidiary established in 1988, Magictape Co., Ltd. has charge of Kuraray's hook and loop fastener business. Magictape developed and manufacturers both MAGIC TAPE, which is used in such applications as clothing, shoes, and bags, and molded plastic hook and loop fastener, which has industrial applications such as fixing automobile seat covers. Magictape completed ISO9001 certification of its quality assurance system in 1999, and the acquisition of ISO14001 certification indicates that the company is also maintaining and strengthening its environmental management system.

All of Kuraray's domestic manufacturing and research facilities, as well as subsidiaries Techno Soft Co., Ltd. and Kuraray Plastics Co., Ltd., had previously attained ISO14001 certification. Kuraray continues to promote the certification of all affiliated manufacturing firms, as it moves toward its goal of becoming an eco-friendly company with unique technology.

Details of ISO14001 Certification

1. Company name
Magictape Co., Ltd.
2. Certifying body
Japan Quality Assurance Organization
3. Certification number
4. Date of certification
August 22, 2003
5. Scope of certification
Design, development, and manufacturing of hook and loop fastener and molded plastic hook and loop fastener

Magictape Co., Ltd. Information

President Tadanori Kunikawa
Headquarters Noune 56, Maruoka-cho, Sakai-gun, Fukui Prefecture
Tel +81-776-67-1940
Capitalization ¥30 million (100% provided by Kuraray)
Employees approximately 90