Men's Casual Wear

Kuraray Co., Ltd. and Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd. announced that they have jointly developed a line of men's casual jackets, coveralls, blousons, and short coats using lightweight suede-finish man-made leather, which is manufactured from nylon microfibers. Haruyama Trading will begin marketing these under its new Unsetsu Teatro brand name on September 10.

Unsetsu Teatro is a new brand of clothing for adults, proposed by designer Unsetsu Furukawa and based on the concept of "casual elegance," presented as high-end casual wear appropriate for driving, travel, and other "adults at play" situations.

The material used in the new line is a suede-finish man-made leather made from nylon microfibers. The use of microfibers results in a luxurious appearance and a cashmere-like feel, together with a thinness and lightness not achievable with natural leather. To prevent degradation of its feel, it is water repellent. Its functionality, as well as its posh look and feel, makes it eminently suitable for the expression of casual elegance.

The Unsetsu Teatro line of men's casual wear was designed by Unsetsu Furukawa, who always brings a high degree of sophistication to his work. Linings and accessories were carefully selected. Unhemmed edges create a casual effect, and decorative stitching using advanced sewing technology creates upmarket effects.

Kuraray and Haruyama Trading began joint men's formal wear operations in 1994. The present launch of the Unsetsu Teatro brand using this new material demonstrates Kuraray's commitment to combining the expertise of materials manufacturers and retailers to pursue joint development and marketing of new products.

The Unsetsu Teatro men's casual wear brand

1. Material

Material suede-finish man-made leather
Contents nylon, 60%; polyurethane, 40%


(1) Material characteristics
  • 1. Beautiful appearance
    Use of nylon microfibers results in a beautiful play of light and shadow.
  • 2. Cashmere feel
    Using its proprietary and versatile microfiber technology, Kuraray has produced a luxurious material as soft to the touch as cashmere wool.
  • 3. Thin and lightweight
    The thinnest and lightest type is 0.45mm to 0.50mm in thickness, and approximately 190g/m2 in weight.
(2) Merchandise properties
  • 1. Materials and accessories carefully selected; lightweight and water resistant.
  • 2. Making use of the characteristics of man-made leather, the edges of necks, sleeves, shoulders, and backs are stitched but unhemmed, which creates a casual look.
  • 3. Can be dry cleaned using ordinary process.

3. Availability

On sale at all Haruyama Trading stores from September 10.

4. Products in the line

Jackets, coveralls, blousons, short coats
(numbers 4-7 in AB and BB, S, M, L, LL)

5. Target market

Young adults

6. Prices (exclusive of consumption tax)

Jackets (including coveralls) ¥29,000 and up
Blousons ¥39,000 and up
Short coats ¥39,000 and up

7. Sales targets

First year 5,000 garments ¥200 million
Subsequent years 10,000 garments ¥400 million

Additional information

Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd.

President Masashi Haruyama
Headquarters Omote-cho 1-2-3, Okayama City
Tel +81-86-226-7111
Capitalization ¥2,905,110,000 (At March 31, 2003)
Number of stores 289 (At March 31, 2003)
Business operations Retail sales of men's fashions

Kuraray Co., Ltd.

President Yasuaki Wakui
Headquarters 1-12-39, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
Tel +81-6-6348-2111
Capitalization ¥89.0 billion (At March 31, 2003)
Business operations Production and sale of synthetic fibers, synthetic resins, and chemicals

Unsetsu Furukawa

Unsetsu Furukawa is an international fashion designer based in Asia, and has held shows in New York and Cologne, Germany. The Unsetsu Collection skillfully fuses East and West, emerging from Asia to find acceptance the world over.
At present, he is involved in environmental fashion, eco-fashion, and universal fashion.

  • Member, New York Designers Collective
  • Invited as designer to the Men's Fashion Week in Cologne
  • Launched the Unsetsu Collection
  • First Japanese to participate in China's Dalian Fashion Fair
  • Guest lecturer in design at China's Dalian University
  • Introduced Usetsu Collection in Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalien, and Shenzen
  • Introduced the Native Usetsu Collection of clothing made from recycled PET bottles
  • Became involved in environmental and universal fashion
  • Invited to present Usetsu Collection at Daegu World Fashion Festival
  • Produced the Osaka Energy Conserving Fashions Campaign