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Microorganism bacteria immobilization carrier for effluent and sewage treatment

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Biocarrier for wastewater treatment
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Wastewater treatment plants/carriers

KURAGEL™ is a biocarrier that Kuraray developed as a raw material for PVA resin. It features higher bacterial retention than ordinary carriers, and enables more efficient wastewater treatment with a compact system. Kuraray provides wastewater treatment solutions that take advantage of the characteristics of KURAGEL™. One of these is the excess sludge reduction system ZECRUS™, a revolutionary wastewater treatment system that uses KURAGEL™ to substantially reduce generation of excess sludge by keeping the proliferation and death of bacteria almost equal.


Industrial wastewater treatment (aerobic, anaerobic, nitrogen treatment), sludge reduction from wastewater


Compact wastewater treatment equipment

The high microorganism retention rate and high treatment capacity enable a smaller wastewater treatment tank.

Easy capacity expansion of existing facilities

By utilizing KURAGEL™, capacity can be increased with just a small-scale conversion of the existing activated sludge tank.

Suitable for nitrogen removal

Has the strength to withstand mechanical agitation for efficient denitrification.

Sludge reduction

KURAGEL™ controls the generation of sludge by preferentially promoting the proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria that purify wastewater. In addition, Kuraray’s wastewater treatment system utilizes the self-oxidation mechanism of microorganisms to significantly reduce sludge.

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