Kuraray has announced its decision to increase the prices of hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomers SEPTON and HYBRAR, which are Company trademarks. The details of the price revisions are given below.

Background of Price Revisions

  • Butadiene monomer and isoprene monomer are the key raw materials for our elastomer products.
  • Butadiene and isoprene are secondary products from the production of ethylene. However, the production composition of secondary products is decreasing due to the shift from naphtha to natural gas as the raw material used for producing ethylene.
  • A regional imbalance in the supply and demand of butadiene and isoprene has led to a global supply shortage.
  • Moreover, prices for key materials remain high from last year.
  • Given that independent efforts alone have been unable to absorb rising production costs due to upward trends in raw material prices, Kuraray has decided to implement the price revisions detailed below in order to maintain a steady supply.

Details of Price Revision

1. Scope of revisions Hydrogenated styrene thermoplastic elastomers
2. Effective date Shipments from July 1, 2010
3. Price increases
North and South America US$ 0.33/kg
Europe Euro 0.30/kg