Kuraray has announced its decision to increase the prices of hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomers SEPTON, HYBRAR and "TU polymer." The details of the price revisions are given below.

Although the prices of crude oil and naptha fell sharply in the immediate wake of the global economic recession, since then, there has been an upswing in demand and speculation regarding petrochemical feedstocks in a region of Asia. This reversal has resulted in an increasing rise in the prices of these raw materials. Prices of raw materials that are the primary components of Kuraray elastomer products - butadiene monomer, isoprene monomer, styrene monomer and others - are continuing to rise drastically after bottoming out during the period between January and March 2009.

Given that independent efforts alone have been unable to absorb rising product costs following increases in raw material prices, Kuraray has decided to implement price revisions in order to maintain a steady supply.

Details of these price revisions are as follows:

1. Scope of revision Hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomers
SEPTON, HYBRAR, "TU polymer"
2. Price increases and effective dates
Japan JPY 30 / kg Shipments from August 1, 2009
North and
South America
0.15 US$ / pound Shipments from August 1, 2009
Europe 0.2 Euro / kg Shipments from August 1, 2009
Asia 0.3 US$ / kg Shipments from July 15, 2009