Kuraray Plastics Co., Ltd. has decided to raise prices on all plastic and rubber hoses for markets in Japan and overseas by 15-25%, starting with products to be shipped on September 1.

Kuraray Plastics' plastic and rubber hoses are used as piping and installation components in various equipment in a wide range of fields, including civil engineering, agriculture and factory equipment.

Recently, due to sharply increasing crude oil and raw material prices, the price of fuel, synthetic resins, plasticizing materials, rubber and metal, the raw and secondary materials used in these hoses, in addition to shipping costs have risen, forcing Kuraray to also raise prices.

Although Kuraray Plastics has implemented thorough rationalization measures and lowered costs, primarily in the production division, rising raw and secondary material prices have greatly outpaced those efforts.

Under the circumstances, Kuraray Plastics has decided to implement the following price revisions to maintain a stable supply of plastic and rubber hoses.

Details of the price revisions are shown below:

1. Products

All plastic and rubber hoses

2. Extent of revisions

15-25% increase over current prices

3. Commencement

Shipments from September 1, 2008