Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka; President: Mitsuhiko Takaoka; hereafter "Kuraray Fastening"), a manufacturer and marketer of MAGIC TAPE hook and loop fasteners and MAGILOCK extrusion molded hook fasteners, today announced the commercial development of an eco-friendly MAGIC TAPE boasting advanced static electricity control properties. This product is scheduled for release on November 1.

By adding static electricity control-type fasteners to our lineup of eco-friendly MAGIC TAPE used in screen-printed emergency exit signs and in packaging materials, we are increasing our variety of differentiated products while working to further expand this market.

Although static electricity control-type MAGIC TAPE was previously available, it was not available in an eco-friendly form. This new eco-friendly MAGIC TAPE matches environmental concerns with the elimination of static electricity while also realizing higher conductivity relative to conventional products. Also, because this product is eco-friendly while reducing trouble caused by static electricity discharge, the number of its possible applications is expected to grow. In addition to already established applications such as safety and clean room uniforms, which make use of our previous static electricity control-type MAGIC TAPE, new applications such as on-site uniforms for IC-related electronic manufacturing, uniforms for explosion-proof manufacturing lines, and fasteners for cardboard boxes and various other containers will help expand the market as we promote product sales.

Static electricity control properties inherent in static electricity control-type MAGIC TAPE and environmentally responsive static electricity control-type MAGIC TAPE are produced utilizing Kuraray's unique CLACARBO fiber-adopted for use in these fasteners. CLACARBO is acknowledged as a carbon-containing conductive fiber due to its use of carbon powder for conductivity. When tape that contains CLACARBO is peeled, a self-discharge effect allows static electricity to be released into the air, reducing charge quantity.

There are several types of CLACARBO. In our previous static electricity control-type MAGIC TAPE products, we used a quadruple-core embedded-type CLACARBO that had four carbon layers embedded within a polyester fiber base. The new eco-friendly static electricity control-type MAGIC TAPE uses a quadruple-core exposed-type CLACARBO that realizes higher static electricity control properties. Also, because the new, eco-friendly MAGIC TAPE has been developed without the use of urethane adhesive resins for pile fixation, it makes improving eco-friendliness and conductivity of finished products possible.

Product Overview

1. Characteristics

  • (1) By adopting CLACARBO with improved static electricity control properties attributed to its exposed core, and by avoiding the use of urethane adhesive resins, the surface leakage resistance value is significantly reduced compared to previous products, while also improving conductivity.
  • (2) Because a significant portion of carbon-containing CLACARBO is embedded and covered by MAGIC TAPE's base cloth, its durability is nearly on par with previous products.
  • (3) Because static electricity is removed through the corona discharge effect, it has a low humidity dependency and therefore demonstrates sufficient static control even in low humidity environments.
  • (4) Eco-friendliness has been improved by avoiding the use of urethane adhesive resins for pile fixation.
  • (5) Because it is made of polyester materials, it has good dimensional stability, excellent chemical resistance and other fundamental properties such as a soft feel.

2. Dimensions and Price

Dimensions 2.5 - 10cm (width) × 25m (length) per roll
Retail price 25mm width (hook side and loop side as set): ¥350 per meter including consumption tax

3. Sales Targets

First year ¥100 million
Three years later ¥300 million

Comparison of Static Control Properties
(Measured by the Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation)

  Eco-friendly, static electricity
control-type MAGIC TAPE
Static electricity
control-type MAGIC TAPE
Frictional charge quantity
1 - 3 1 - 3 5 - 10
Surface leakage resistance value
7 - 13×107 3 - 5×1011 2 - 3×1012

Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.

1. Headquarters 1-12-39, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8611, Japan (Shin Hankyu Building 9F)
2. President Mitsuhiko Takaoka
3. Capital ¥100 million
4. Number of employees 120
5. Business activities Development, manufacturing and sale of MAGIC TAPE hook and loop fastener, MAGILOCK extrusion molded hook fastener, and related products.
(Note: The company holds a 60% share of the Japanese market for hook and loop fasteners)

Neutralization Property Measurement Instrument and Electrostatic Charge Property Evaluation Results

1. Measurement instrument and method

Neutralization property (discharge noise) of MAGIC TAPE is measured when placed adjacent to electrically charged sphere (kept in a state of electrical discharge through active electric current)

(Measuring instrument and measurement process)

2. Electrostatic charge property evaluation results

(1) Standard MAGIC TAPE
Peaks in discharge noise are recognized
and static is deneutralized

(2) Eco-friendly, static electricity control-type MAGIC TAPE
Discharge noise is unrecognized and static
neutralization is observed via corona discharge effect

Quadruple-core exposed-type carbon-containing conductive fiber CLACARBO