Kuraray announces the decision to revise the price of thermoplastic elastomers (Kurary brands: SEPTON, HYBRAR) derived from hydrogenated styrene, to be effective on shipments as of October 2, 2006.

Continued increases in crude oil and naphtha prices continue to drive up prices for primary raw materials such as butadiene, isoprene and styrene monomer.

Though high prices for primary raw materials led Kuraray to implement product price revisions in 2004, as well as in June and October of 2005, robust demand in Asian markets continues to push raw material prices higher.

Under these circumstances, Kuraray decided to implement price revisions as described below in order to assure a stable supply and to improve profitability.

Details of the price revision are as follows.

1. Scope of price revisions
SEPTON and HYBRAR, hydrogenarated styrenic elastomer
2. Price increase
5-10% on product prices
3. Effective date
Shipments from October 2, 2006