Ski Jumper Sara Takanashi Joins Kuraray!

July 4, 2013
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Fumio Ito) announces that Women's ski jumper Sara Takanashi has changed her affiliation to Kuraray.
Ms. Takanashi began competing in ski jumping when she was 8 years old, and quickly distinguished herself in the sport, traveling overseas as a representative of Japan to compete in Europe where ski jumping is particularly popular.
Meanwhile, Kuraray operates a global; business as a specialist chemical manufacturer, and conducts a broad range of business in Europe with production plants in Germany, Belgium, Russia and the United Kingdom. A relative of Ms. Takanashi works at the Belgian subsidiary, and increased interest in supporting her throughout the company led to her being welcomed as a member of Kuraray.
We will continue to support Ms. Takanashi as a member of the Kuraray Group as she expands her activities on the world stage.

Profile of Sara Takanashi

Date of Birth October 8, 1996
Hometown Kamikawa, Hokkaido
Occupation Student at Grace Mountain International School
Club Kuraray
First year ski jumping 2004 (Age: 8)
2011 Set the women's record of 141m for the longest jump without falling over at Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium during the 53rd HBC Cup
  Became the youngest woman to win an international ski jumping competition officially recognized by the International Ski Federation (FIS) at the Continental Cup
2012 Won a gold medal at the Innsbruck Winter Youth Olympic Games
  Won at the Nordic Junior World Ski Championships
2013 Became the youngest individual all-round of the FIS Women's World Cup champion on record in the 2012-2013 season.