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Meisa Kuroki and Others Take the Prize! Kuraray Holds the Eighth Annual CLARINO Beautiful Legs Grand Prix

October 4, 2010
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray held the Eighth CLARINO Beautiful Legs Grand Prix awards ceremony (hosted by the CLARINO PARCASSIO Club*) on Monday, October 4, 2010, at the Westin Hotel in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. This ceremony is held each year to celebrate healthy, "beautiful legs."

Developed by Kuraray, CLARINO man-made leather has been adopted for a wide variety of applications including shoes, balls and randoseru (school bags).

The award winners in each age group were as follows
20s Meisa Kuroki Profile
30s Yuka Profile
40 and over Reiko Takashima Profile
Men's Category Takashi Fukunishi Profile

This year, Kuraray newly established a Men's Category.
Each award winner was presented with custom-made shoes featuring Kuraray's man-made leather CLARINO (manufactured by Italian company VICINI S.p.A. for female winners and by Japanese company Crown Seika Co., Ltd. for the male winner).

Comments from Award Winners

Designed by Meisa Kuroki

Meisa Kuroki
I am honored to be one of the women receiving this award, and I am very happy and have a sense of responsibility as a recipient. I am also very excited because I love shoes.
Footwear is a major focus for me when it comes to fashion, and I wear high-heeled shoes to make my legs look better. Today, also, I dressed up to show off my legs.

Designed by Yuka

From the moment when I first put on these shoes, I found them very comfortable and they felt like I could wear them for a long time. The cut of the shoes covers the base of my toes for elegant look, and really made my feet look better.
In addition, I really appreciate that the shoes are resistant to rain and hard wearing.

Designed by Reiko Takashima

Reiko Takashima
I am so happy to receive this award as I had a "complex" about my legs and disliked them. I like high-heeled shoes and these are very comfortable. The soft material of the upper does not hurt either my toes or instep.

Designed by Takashi Fukunishi

Takashi Fukunishi
As a soccer player, I wear spike shoes most of the time. I believe that as a result I have developed a keen sense on what is good for my feet.
Ill-fitting shoes can be tiring, but these are soft and not too tight and fit my feet very well. So, I feel comfortable.
Aiming to create new-generation footwear using CLARINO/PARCASSIO, man-made leather developed by Kuraray, one of Japan's top chemical and materials manufacturers, the Company got together with six Japanese leading premium shoe manufacturers (T. Inaba Shoes Inc., Wood House, Ace Corporation, Kawano Co., Ltd., Bass Corporation and Hosono Co., Ltd.) to establish the CLARINO PARCASSIO Club.
The CLARINO PARCASSIO Club expects more domestic premium shoe manufacturers to join its ranks and is aiming to become a worldwide organization in the future with the participation of global quality shoe manufacturers.