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Masami Nagasawa and Others Won the Prize!-Kuraray to Hold CLARINO Beautiful Legs Grand Prix together with the Green CLARINO Eco-Friendly Man-Made Leather Launch Event

Nov 9, 2009
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

More than 40 years after its introduction, CLARINO, the leading man-made leather that gained fame as the material for making randoseru (school bags), volleyballs and sports shoes, is being joined by an eco-friendly version that incorporates new technologies.
Seizing on the opportunities of this milestone anniversary, Kuraray sponsored the Seventh Annual CLARINO Beautiful Legs Grand Prix, which was took place along with the Green CLARINO Launch event held on Monday, November 9, 2009 at the Westin Hotel in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

1. The Seventh CLARINO Beautiful Legs Grand Prix Awards Ceremony

CLARINO is used as a material for wide variety of footwear, including formal, casual and sport shoes. Given the products' popularity, Kuraray held the Seventh CLARINO Beautiful Legs Grand Prix awards ceremony (hosted by the PARCASSIO Club*) on Monday, November 9, 2009 at the Westin Hotel in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. This ceremony has been held annually since 2003 to celebrate the healthy, "beautiful legs" of women of all ages.

The award winners in each age group were as follows
20s Masami Nagasawa Profile
30s Yumiko Shaku Profile
40 and over Tsubasa Makoto Profile
Sport Category Satoko Urata Profile

Each award winner was presented with custom-made shoes featuring Kuraray's man-made leather CLARINO (manufactured by Italian company VICINI S.p.A.)

Comments from Award Winners

Designed by Masami Nagasawa

Masami Nagasawa
I usually wear high-heeled shoes.
On this occasion, I was looking for shoes in a more grown-up black shade.

Designed by Yumiko Shaku

Yumiko Shaku
The design of the shoes is just what I was wanting, and the pink color looks sharp against my black dress.
These high heels do not make me tired.

Designed by Tsubasa Makoto

Tsubasa Makoto
What impressed me most about the shoes is their "lightness."
I also feel as if the shoes are trying to conform to the shape of my feet.

Designed by Satoko Urata

Satoko Urata
Although I was slightly anxious about wearing high heels, I found that I could wear these quite comfortably.
Aiming to create new-generation footwear using CLARINO/PARCASSIO, man-made leather developed by Kuraray, one of Japan's top chemical and materials manufacturers, got together with six Japanese leading premium shoe manufacturers (T. Inaba Shoes Inc., Wood House, Ace Corporation, Kawano Co., Ltd., Bass Corporation and Hosono Co., Ltd.) to establish the CLARINO PARCASSIO Club.
The CLARINO PARCASSIO Club anticipates more domestic premium shoe manufacturers to join, and is aiming to become a worldwide organization in the future with the participation of global quality shoe manufacturers.

2. "Green CLARINO Launch" Event

Marking the shifting to new production technologies for the new eco-friendly era, Kuraray held an event to launch Green CLARINO, an advanced version of CLARINO man-made leather.
Welcoming approximately 300 guests, including CLARINO users, the event started with the opening remarks by Kuraray president Fumio Ito. Following this, the new eco-friendly production method and brand logo, as well as sample products featuring Green CLARINO were introduced. In addition, some users made speeches, and a car designer made a presentation.

New Green CLARINO brand logo