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Announcing the Sixth Annual PARCASSIO Beautiful Legs Grand Prize

September 8, 2008
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

To commemorate healthy, "beautiful legs" of all ages, Kuraray sponsored the Sixth Annual PARCASSIO Beautiful Legs Awards (hosted by the PARCASSIO Club) held on Monday, September 8th at the Westin Hotel in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

The award winners in each age group were as follows
20s Ryoko Hirosue Profile
30s Asaka Seto Profile
40 and over Miki Maya Profile
Sports Category Kaoru Sugayama Profile

Each award winner was presented with order-made shoes made from Kuraray's man-made leather, PARCASSIO. Below are their comments on the shoes.

Ryoko Hirosue
I received these elegant black shoes that have a hint of green.

Asaka Seto
I received these wonderfully designed shoes accented with jewels and an inner lining that feels just like leather. I am very impressed at how perfectly they fit my feet.

Miki Maya
It is great to discover shoes that allow air in but stay dry in the rain. I strongly support using man-made leather because I believe in being kind to animals.

Kaoru Sugayama
I didn't wear high heels at all before because they hurt my feet. However, the new PARICASSIO fabric is very comfortable so I am thinking about wearing high heels again.


PARCASSIO (http://www.kuraray.co.jp/parcassio/) is a Kuraray-developed, premium man-made leather material. With excellent air permeability and water resistant characteristics, it is also 30% lighter than natural leather, while maintaining the luxurious feel of natural leather. Based on advancements in our tanning process technologies, we were able to create subtle silhouettes on the shoe's surface, a process that was previously difficult to accomplish using natural leather. With an overall shape that is not easily lost with wear, the framework for shoemaking that enhances the beauty of legs has also been expanded. Furthermore, with its easy-to-care-for quality, it is a truly revolutionary material.

The PARCASSIO Club is composed of six of Japan’s leading premium shoe manufacturers (T. Inaba Shoes Inc., Wood House, Ace Corporation, Kawano Co., Ltd., Bass Corporation and Hosono Co., Ltd.) that use the special characteristics of Kuraray's PARCASSIO premium man-made leather to make shoes for a new era.

With participation by other domestic premium shoemakers planned, Kuraray aims to gain the participation of quality shoe manufacturers from around the world to establish the PARCASSIO Club as a global organization.