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Kuraray Group Employees Volunteer for Tree-Planting on Mt. Fuji

July 15, 2006

A virgin forest on the southeastern reaches of Mt. Fuji was destroyed by fire to a height of around 2,500 meters above sea level at the time of the large-scale volcanic eruption in 1707. Since that time, avalanches, typhoons and intense sun have added to the harsh natural environment, and the unlawful entry of four-wheel-drive vehicles and off-road motorbikes has enlarged the damaged area.

On Saturday July 15, 2006, as a management-employee co-hosted event, 48 Kuraray employees planted trees in the vicinity of the New Fifth Station on Mt. Fuji. Under the guidance of the Mt. Fuji National Trust(*), a non-profit organization that undertakes afforestation activities on Mt. Fuji, 200 inukoriyanagi (scientific name:Salix integra Thunb) saplings were planted and guard fences erected.

Activity Details

1. Sixty bamboo fences were erected
to protect the saplings.

2. The 200 trees planted were inukoriyanagi
a hardy willow indigenous to Mt. Fuji.

3. A full view of the tree-planting work

4. In preparation for future tree plantings,
around 500 seedling pods were transplanted.

* Mt. Fuji National Trust
A non-profit organization that carries out afforestation activities on the southeastern reaches of Mt. Fuji, raises broadleaf tree seedlings, protects endangered tree species and conducts nature walks and ecology tours. (Founded in 1996, based in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture).