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September 1, 2005



The third annual PARCASSIO Beautiful Legs Awards, hosted by the PARCASSIO Club and sponsored by Kuraray, was held on September 1 at the Westin Hotel in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

The awardees in each age group were as follows:
20s Eriko Sato
30s Uno Kanda
40s Mie

Whether in business or private life, a self-confident woman with healthy legs can succeed throughout her life. The members of the PARCASSIO Club support women of all ages in finding their place in life, and taking a strong stand on healthy and beautiful legs.

Each of the awardees was presented with a pair of PARCASSIO pumps that they had themselves designed.

PARCASSIO is a premium man-made leather, nylon based and with excellent moisture and air permeability. It is highly scuff resistant and flexible, easy to care for, and has a luxurious feel on par with natural leather. At the same time, it is 30% lighter than natural leather.
This club is composed of six manufacturers of women's shoes (Hosono, Wood House, Inaba, Bass Corporation, Ace Corporation, and Kawano) that use the special characteristics of Kuraray's PARCASSIO premium man-made leather to make shoes for the new era.