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Fabric, manmade leather, nonwoven fabric, hook and loop fasteners 2010

Dec24 Hook and Loop Fasteners Produced by Eco-Friendly Methods
Eco-Friendly New ECOMAGIC Range of Functional Products Expanded
Launch of Three New Product Types Marks 50th Anniversary of MAGIC TAPE's Market Debut
Nov15 Dow Kakoh and KURARAYKURAFLEX Jointly Develop Sophisticated SHINZO Thin Tatami Mats
Realizes Feel and Heat Insulation of Straw Tatami Second in Ongoing Karuzo Tatami Product Series
Oct6 With Strength, Flexibility and a Level of Stretchiness that is Just Right,
CLARINO Is Used in Bridgestone Sports'
New "TOURSTAGE WALKING Rakuashi" Walking Shoes
Oct5 Domestically Produced KURALON Synthetic Fiber Is Registered by the National Museum of Nature and Science as a Technological Legacy for the Future
Jun14 Environment-Friendly, Organic Solvent-Free CLARINO Man-Made Leather Commercialization Earns 2009 Technology Award
from the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan
Jun7 Environment-Friendly, Organic Solvent-Free CLARINO Man-Made Leather
Used for Lower- Deck Sofa Seating on
Kintetsu's Double-Decker "VistaCar 30000" Limited Express Train
Sumptuously Accenting Yacht-Style Cabin Design
Mar24 Price Revision for Polyester Filament (Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd.)
Mar11 Price Revisions for KURALON and Polyester Staple Fibers
Mar4 Joint Development of "THERMOBARRIER", Sliding Paper Door Sheets
with Superior Heat Insulation/Heat Barrier Properties
Special Nonwoven Fabric-Type Paper for Sliding Doors That Effectively Cuts Sunlight in Summer and Cold near Windows in Winter