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Fabric, manmade leather, nonwoven fabric, hook and loop fasteners 2008

Dec22 "Stores for Families who Love Tatami" Campaign Commences, Establishing Nationwide Tatami Mat Store Network
KURALON K-Ⅱ Synthetic Fiber Used in Thin Tatami Mat Sewing Fiber, Kuraray's Tent Series Used for Store Tents
Dec5 Enhanced KURALON Fiber Manufacturing Facilities Completed, Operations Already Under Way
Oct23 Kuraray's AMARETTA Luxury Nubuck-Type Man-Made Leather Features in Sanyo Shokai's Flagship Men's Brand Designs for Fall & Winter 2008
AMARETTA Outer Fair Commences on October 29
Oct22 Mesh Inner Glove to be Launched Originated from a Dentist’s Idea to Alleviate Sweating and Stickiness
Inserted under rubber gloves, this product is suitable for use in an array of industries, from food processing, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals, as well as at hospitals, care facilities and in the home
Oct3 Use of a New Lint-Resistant, Deep Black Material Joint Development of "f2stage," a New Men's Formal Wear Brand Thermal Recycling Also Available
Sep30 Price Revisions for Nonwoven Fabric and Products of KURAFLEX and KURAFLEX-MB
Sep17 Launch of FAMILY CARE Product "FC One-Touch Bandage"
Aug1 Release of Stability-Control Molded Hook Fasteners for Buddhist Altars
Jul24 Release of a transparent mule-band that prevents heel slippage for wearers of mule-type sandals
Jul23 Notice Concerning the Commencement of Full-Scale Sales of Lightweight Canvas for Flatbed Truck Covers for Better Fuel Consumption and Practicality
Jul14 Price Revision for the high-strength polyarylate fiber, VECTRAN
Jul10 Price Revision for KURALON and Polyester Staple Fibers
Jul8 Price Revision for Polyester Filament
Jun25 Debut of a New Volleyball at the Beijing Olympics Greater Ball Control and Slip Resistance
Apr25 Expansion of MAGILOCK Extrusion Molded Hook Fastener Production Facilities (Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.)
Apr21 Development and Release of New Specialty Compound Yarn with Proprietary Core-Sheath Construction for Rope Application
Mar28 New Bikyaku Pumps Shoe Model—A Best-Selling JAL SHOP Product
Introducing the New Comfortable and Stylish Kumiko Akiyoshi Model of Bikyaku Pumps
Mar19 Notice Concerning a Business and Capital Partnership between Morito Co., Ltd. and the Kuraray Group
Feb28 Notice Concerning the Capital Investment for Eco-Friendly Man-Made Leather CLARINO TIRRENINA Production Facilities
Feb26 Kuraray Registers Cement-Reinforcing KURALON Fiber for Highly Crack-Resistant, Air-Blown Slope Surface Mortar under Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's New Technology Information System (NETIS)
Feb25 Development and Release of Heat-Retaining, Lightweight Nonwoven Fabrics for Use in Tunnel Culture(KURARAYKURAFLEX CO., LTD.)
Feb22 Notice Concerning the Application of NEW ECO MAGIC Hook-and-Loop Fastener of the MAGIC TAPE Lineup to Clothing Used in Space Station with Acclamation for Its Safety and High Functionality
Feb22 Kuraray Introduces Dyed Raw VECTRAN Superfiber
Jan31 Price Revisions for Base Fabric and Products of KURAFLEX and KURAFLEX-MB
Jan22 Price Revision for KURALON and Polyester Staple Fibers
Jan22 Price Revisions for Man-Made Leather CLARINO