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Fabric, manmade leather, nonwoven fabric, hook and loop fasteners 2006

Dec13 New GOLDPFEIL School Bag Debuts, the Brand Name of a Leading German-based Manufacturer of Quality Leather Products
Oct25 Toward Mass Production of FELIBENDY Prototyping Commenced (KURARAYKURAFLEX CO.,LTD.)
Oct17 Kuraray Develops Eco-Friendly MAGIC TAPE Fastener to Help Eliminate Static Electricity (Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.)
Oct12 Man-made leather CLARINO adopted for the new NBA Official Game Ball
Sep27 Kuraray's AMARETTA Luxury Nubuck-Type Man-Made Leather Features in Sanyo Shokai's Flagship Men's Brand Designs for Fall & Winter 2006
Sep13 Price Revision for KURALON and Polyester Staple Fibers
Aug29 Kuraray Develops Hook and Loop Fastener-Type Indicator Product that Affixes to Carpet Surface (Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd. )
Aug29 Release of the Migaru Bag "SABRINA" Sold via Mail-Order through the JALSHOP Catalog
May18 New-Type Nonwoven Fabric Developed,Introduces World's First Steam Jet Technologies
Apr25 "Andre Valentino" men's shoes featuring Kuraray's next-generation man-made leather PARCASSIO to go on sale
Apr11 Price Revision for KURALON and Polyester Staple Fibers
Mar28 Kuraray Trading and Kurabo Industries Jointly Develop and Launch New Material for Uniforms
Jan25 Kuraray to Launch New MAGIC TAPE with Adhesive Strength to Withstand Temperatures up to 80℃(Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd. )