Plastic Scintillating Fibers (PSF)

Photo of PSF Enlarged photograph of a PSF cross section
(There is a double-layered cladding around the circumference)

PSF(Plastic scintillating fibers) are a type of plastic fiber developed by Kuraray as a radiation-detecting material using the unique manufacturing method available in the 1980s. As a result of subsequent quality improvement by patient efforts to supply numerous research institutes and accumulating technologies, they have become a type the de facto standard in radiation-detecting materials.
KURARAY’s PSF are widely used in research on neutrinos and quarks, and are also expected to be applied for detecting dark matter, which is a recent trend in astrophysics.
They are also utilized in the D-phod system for measuring the gamma ray air dose rate developed by Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd., and are expected to prove useful in ascertaining the level of contamination by radioactive substances.

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