MOWITAL Butyral resin (PVB resin)

power fuel cell

Butyral resin is principally composed of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), one of Kuraray's major products. It possesses excellent solubility in both organic and inorganic solvents, outstanding pigment dispersal properties for extreme clarity and superior adhesive properties applicable to a variety of base materials such as glass and metal. These properties make butyral resin widely useful for use as an inter-layer in shatterproof safety glass, a binder in fine ceramics e.g. power fuel cell, a coating compound and an ink binder. Kuraray's production of MOWITAL is carried out by Kuraray Europe GmbH in Germany.

  • Coating compounds
  • Inks
  • Ceramic binders
  • Adhesives
  • High Performance Composites (Prepregs)
  • Retroreflective coatings for traffic signs and road markings
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