Methacrylic resin

Featuring superior transparency, weatherability, abrasion resistance, and a bright luster, methacrylic resin is used in a variety of industry segments for such applications as automobile components (for example, tail lamp covers, door visors and meter covers), optical goods, light electrical equipment and daily sundries. Recently, demand has increased rapidly for methacrylic resin, particularly for such products as the light guides used in liquid crystal backlighting devices in the optical goods segment.

Taking advantage of its technological expertise (related to materials and processing) in the fields of optics, cultivated through the sales of LCD products and materials, Kuraray was among the first companies to provide superior materials to the light-guide plate market and offer outstanding processing methods.

Market Share Methacrylic molding compound for light guide plate
(As of April 2009, data from kuraray estimates)

Production and Marketing Position for light-guide plate molding material
  Laptop Computers Monitors
Size (inches) up to 15 13 to 20
High Luminance (cd/m²) 100 to 150 200 to 300
Gross Weight (kg) 1 to 2 4 to 5
Backlighting device methods sidelight sidelight
Number of lamps 1 2 to 4
Light-guide plate thickness (mm) 0.6 (2.0) 4 to 8
Light-guide plate weight (kg) 0.1 0.3 to 1.0
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