MICROFADENew ballast water management system

MICROFADE BWMS removes organisms sufficiently through high-precision filtration process, thus reducing the amount of active substances (chemicals) used in sterilization process.The system eliminates most of planktons, both small (10 to 50μm) and large (50μm and up) sizes, using high-precision filters. Residual planktons and bacteria are sterilized with low concentrations of active substances.

Key Features of MICROFADE
Reduced Power Consumption
Space Conservation
Solid chemical agents can be stored at room temperature and the system does not require any chemical tanks.
Stable Capacity
The system is designed to use freshwater, brackish water and seawater. System capacity is not affected by water qualities such as temperature, salinity, or turbidity.
Easy Installation
The simple system shortens installation time, providing cost savings.
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