KURARAY COAL Activated carbon

Kuraray specializes in the manufacture of activated carbon, offering KURARAY COAL brand activated carbon, which is made from coconuts shell, coal, and special synthetic resins. This material is used for the treatment of drinking and waste water, adsorption and elimination of gases and chemicals, and recently to make electrodes carbon for the electric double layer capacitors used as auxiliary power sources in hybrid cars and fuel cell cars. As an activated carbon fiber, KURARAY COAL is used in combination with non-woven fabrics to make functional products such as filters and molded products. Kuraray offers other products that use activated carbon, including the pressure swing adsorption nitrogen gas separator.

  • liquid filtering (water purification, wastewater treatment, brewing, etc.)
  • gas filtering (air cleaning, deodorizing, solvent recovery, etc.)
  • electrode material for electric double layer capacitors (for hybrid cars, personal computers, etc.)
  • functional products (filters, molded products, activated carbon fiber, etc.)
  • pressure swing adsorption nitrogen gas separator
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