VECRUS Liquid Crystal Polymer Non-Woven Fabric

It is non-woven fabric manufactured from polyarylate liquid crystal polymer using the melt blow method (in which hot air is blown over the material while melt spinning is in progress). In addition to superior heat resistance, this fabric displays no moisture absorption and low dielectric characteristics.

For these reasons, it is used to reinforce materials used in IT equipment, where high-frequency radiation tolerance and long-term reliability are required. It is also used for insulation on heavy machinery and special-purpose motors, aircraft honeycomb, and a broad range of other applications.

High frequency signals are increasingly being employed in mobile telephones and other precision electronic devices. We are optimistic that Vecrus, with its superior dielectric properties, will increasingly replace glass and organic materials in circuit boards.

Principal Applications
  • Reinforcing material for printed circuit boards
  • Insulation with heat resistance
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