SEPTON Hydrogenated styrene thermoplastic elastomer

SEPTON is a styrene thermoplastic elastomer developed by Kuraray's proprietary technology. SEPTON has the elasticity of rubber, yet can be molded like plastic by heating it. It displays excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance, while boasting high electrical insulation properties.

  • Incorporating polyolefin and processed oil, SEPTON provides a flexible material substitute for vulcanized rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is used for a variety of applications including automobile parts, electronic parts, stationary, toys and sporting goods.
  • Incorporating tackifier resin and processed oil, SEPTON can be used to make adhesives of excellent heat resistance and weather resistance.
  • Blended with olefinic polymers, SEPTON can improve various properties, including impact strength. It can also serve as a compatibilizer between polyolefins and polystyrenics.
Base polymers
Flexible materials (vulcanized rubber and PVC substitutes), adhesive, sealants, coatings, fabrics and nonwoven materials
Modifers and additives
Plastics modifiers, compatibilizers, thermosetting resin modifiers, anti-shrink agents for unsaturated polyesters, asphalt modifiers
Master batch for additives
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