Acrylic Thermoplastic Elastomer

Adhesive tape

Light guide

Smartphone case

KURARITY is an acrylic block copolymer (MAM: Methyl-methacrylate – Acrylate – Methyl-methacrylate) produced using Kuraray’s unique anionic living polymerization technology which enables various acrylates to be polymerized into an AB or ABA type block copolymer. KURARITY consists of PMMA hard-blocks and an acrylic based soft-block. Due to this structure, KURARITY exhibits a variety of properties including excellent clarity, weather resistance, self-adhesion, and good compatibility with other polar materials.

Adhesive for tapes, labels and surface protection films
KURARITY can be used in solvent-free and environmentally friendly acrylic adhesives. It is possible to co-extrude a KURARITY adhesive layer to other plastic components which simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces costs.
Light guides and illumination
KURARITY is used to produce unique shaped lighting goods.
Molding materials
KURARITY improves molded parts due to its high gloss, clarity and excellent flexibility.
Plastics modifiers
KURARITY has good compatibility with other rigid polar plastics. It adds flexibility to plastics at the level that conventional core-shell modifiers cannot achieve.
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