Ingredient for Fragrances and Cosmetics


In order to produce creams that protect the beauty of skin, cosmetic technicians urged the use of an ideal ingredient already present in our skin: squalene (C30H50). A key component of sebum, which is produced naturally by our skin, squalene is more readily absorbed, minimizes irritation and feels good. Squalene is, however, prone to oxidation during storage, altering its properties. Such changes can place a heavy strain on the skin. Consequently, squalane (C30H60)-a chemically stabilized form of squalene-has attracted attention for enabling easy absorption by the skin and hair as well as for its similarity to stable and safe oils and to natural sebum.
Having established a process based on terpenoid-compound synthesis technology to manufacture this unique compound widely recognized for its superior qualities, Kuraray, as a producer of squalane, has been delivering products worldwide since industrialization commenced in 1976.