Market Share


World Market Share: Number 1 Share 25% *Kuraray estimate

The long-selling man-made leather CLARINO is a material that duplicates the sophisticated construction of natural leather. The manufacturing process is based on nonwoven fabrics incorporating special man-made fibers combined with a breathable spongy urethane filling that maintains softness while retaining strength.

CLARINO is suitable for a wide range of uses, including shoes, school bags and handbags, apparel and interiors. It is also used in a variety of sports-related products, such as athletic footwear, balls and gloves.

In October 2009, Kuraray commenced commercial production of new enviroment-friendly made-made leather. Through its "Green CLARINO" campaign, Kuraray plans to replace all its existing production facilities with new processes by 2015.

Products made from CLARINO