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Safety Activities

Chemical products・Product Safety

Basic Policy on Product Safety

Targeting contribution to realizing an affluent and comfortable society by responding to customer needs thorough supply of products that are safe and reliable.

Product Safety

The first paragraph of “Our Commitment,” a statement of Kuraray Group reads “We will constantly develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services.”

A working group centering on the CSR Division staff has been organized to study products that require a company-wide study of safety and to verify product safety. The products to be studied include those that are ingested in the body and that use nanomaterials.

In Fiscal 2016, a committee was held on development projects that handle various materials in accordance with the regulation on the handling of nanomaterials. As a result, appropriate safety measures have been taken to ensure safety of the workers, environment and end users.

In Fiscal 2017, the Kuraray Group plans to further strengthen its mechanism to evaluate product safety, in order to continue the supply of safe products in the future also.

Chemical Substance Management

Kuraray Group is managing chemical substances using an information technology (IT) system.

In Fiscal 2016, improvement of and education on the software of the IT systems of the Group were continued to better comply with the overseas laws and regulations. Periodic opportunities were provided to the managers and their staff for the management of chemical substances assigned to the group companies in Japan and to the corporate divisions, to ensure strict compliance with the laws and regulations.

In Fiscal 2017, the Kuraray Group is striving to improve the quality of its product information supplied to the customers by newly creating an opportunity to share information with the Group companies outside of Japan and by advancing collaboration with them in order to boost the management of chemical substances within the entire Group.

Topics 2016

Introduction and Utilization of IT System Dedicated to Management of Chemical Substances

The Kuraray Group has installed and is using an IT system for integrated management of information on chemical substances used to appropriately respond to laws and regulations of the countries and regions that are amended frequently from time to time recently and to information supplied in the supply chain.

The IT system stores the information of the chemical substances used by the Kuraray Group companies in Japan in a database. The system links to external databases that contain information on hazards and on laws and regulations for use in checking products that are required new or additional actions as a result of an amendment to a law or a regulation, in compiling safety data sheets (SDS) that are supplied to the customers and for other purposes.

As a general trend, the countries and regions of the world are reinforcing and adding laws and regulations related to chemical substances. Kuraray is also facing increases in the number of management items a s types a nd destinations of chemical substances that are used continue to increase. The IT system is currently used mainly in Japan. Kuraray is studying the use of the system in its overseas operations also in t he future and is contemplating building a system to effectively manage chemical substances within the entire Group.

Safety Activities

Kazuhiko Kugawa, Director, Primary Executive Officer

The actual frequency rate of all occupational incidents for Fiscal 2016 for the plans in Japan stood at 0.81 compared with the target of 0.8 or less and was slightly below the target. Nevertheless, this was the best result since 2005 and I would say that this figure could be highly evaluated. Aiming at causing no occupational incidents in Fiscal 2017, we are continuing our effort to further improve our performance. In process safety and disaster prevention, five accidents took place inside and outside of Japan in Fiscal 2016. Fortunately, these accidents were not major ones that would have caused great impacts on the local communities or on our business. We continue preventing process accidents as they would cause human damage, fires, explosions and other disasters even if they are minor in scale. Our challenge will be to boost collaboration with our overseas plants in overall safety activities as our business has rapidly been globalizing.