CSR Activities at Kuraray Group

CSR Activity Target and Results

CSR Activity Target and Materialities of Kuraray Group
Activity Item Targety Material Items Boundary*1 Results
Management Medium-term management plan "GS-STEP" (2015 to 2017)
  • Deepening of core businesses
  • Technological innovation
  • Creation of next-generation growth models
  • Optimum allocation of management resources
Economic performance
Products and services
Inside and outside organization For the progress status of the medium-term management plan "GS-STEP" that started from FY 2015, please refer to the financial summary for the fiscal year ended December 2016 (2. Management policy).
Safety Process Safety and Disaster Prevention
  • Measures to prevent process accidents
  • Transfer of operational skills and techiniques from experienced persons to unexperienced persons (Know-Why activities) and sustainable continuation
  • Comprehensive understanding of risks and steady implementation of measures
Process Safety and Disaster Prevention
Occupational Safety Logistics Safety
Chemicals and products safety
Safety and health for customers
Labeling of products and services
Inside and outside organization The safety level was improved by implementation of transfer of Operational Skills and Techniques from experienced persons to inexperienced persons (Know-Why activities) as well as grasping of risks and countermeasures against risks. As a result, there are no serious process accidents and domestic occupational incidents have been the best in the past 10 years.
Occupational Safety
  • Enhancement of safety awareness of individual persons
  • Global deployment of safety activity management
Inside organization
Environment Global warming prevention Japan:Greenhouse gas emissions
【Environmental efficiency】
Improvement by 40%compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Overseas: Energy consumption
【Environmental efficiency】
Improvement by 10% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Products and services
Inside and outside organization In Japan, measures to reduce GHG emissions by 10,000tons-CO2e were implemented. As a result, the “Environmental Efficiency” of the Kuraray Group in Japan improved compared with fiscal 2010. However, this performance is behind the target of fiscal 2016 envisioned in the Medium-Term Plan. On the other hand, “Environmental Efficiency” of the Overseas affiliates as to energy consumption decreased.
Effective Utilization of Water Resources Overseas: Water consumption
【Environmental efficiency】
Improvement by 10% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Water sources in region Inside organization Although we have not set concrete target in Japan, we strove to make effective use. Overseas water consumption increased with the increase in production volume.
Management of chemical substance emission Japan: Emission of PRTR chemical substances designated by the Japan Chemical Industry Association
【Environmental efficiency】
Improvement by 100% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Emission into atmosphere Inside and outside organization Emissions of PRTR substances in Japan were lower than the previous year's results, and the environmental efficiency improved compared to FY2010. Overseas, we comply with each chemical substance emission regulation at each production site.
Effective Utilization of Waste Japan and Overseas: Amount of waste generated
【Environmental efficiency】
Improvement by 10% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Wastewater and waste Raw materials Inside organization Since fiscal 2007, Kuraray Group in Japan has been maintaining “an effective utilization rate of waste of : 90% or higher, and final landfill disposal rate of : 1% or lower.” In fiscal 2016 also, these rates were maintained. However, environmental efficiency was decreased compared to fiscal 2010 due to the startup of additional facilities and so on.
Environmental efficiency also decreased in overseas as well.
Environmental Accounting   Overall Inside organization Investments for environmental conservation purposes totaled ¥382 million (¥420 million for the previous year), while environmental conservation expenses totaled ¥2,359 million (¥2,596 million for the previous year).
Workplaces Personnel policy allowing employees to feel work is worth accomplishing Providing growth opportunities to employees Providing growth opportunities to employees Inside organization As part of fostering human resources who can actively take part in conducting business internationally, group training was provided for the personnel in the classes of division general managers and section managers. Short-term training and other training programs were undertaken for staff-level personnel, participated by about 50 persons from the Kuraray Group inside and outside of Japan.
Diversity,work-life balance
  • Promotion of active participation by female employees
  • Refined working style
  • Minimizing unused annual paid vacation
Diversity and equal opportunity Employment Inside organization Workshops for the personnel of the division general manager class were set to promote a corporate culture to further encourage active participation of female employees in business scenes. The first phase of a homeworking scheme and other measures were implemented.
Healthy Management of Mind and Body Continuation and boosting of mental health measures and measures against lifestylerelated diseases Occupational safety and health Inside organization As part of a mental care program, supervisor-toemployee mental-care and self-care training sessions and stress checks were undertaken.
Society Contribution in Cultural, Academic, Environmental and Social Welfare Fields Implementation of following activities:
  • “Sending School Backpacks Across the Sea”
  • “Chemistry Classes for Boys and Girls”
  • Operation of work facilities for people with intellectual disability
  • “Kuraray Fureai Fund”
  • Activity with emphasis on link to local community
Local community Inside and outside organization Activities were undertaken with a focus on the culture, art and science, environment and welfare fields in accordance with the social contribution activity policy of the Kuraray Group.
  • *1Boundary: Range where influence occurs ◎ Inside and outside organization, ○ Inside organization