Social Report

Approaches in the Workplace

Activities for Comfortable Workplace Environmentt

Promotion of Diversity

Kuraray aims at maximizing the capabilities of a variety of personnel including femiles, senior workers and temporary workers to activate workplaces and to upgrade organizational power. Three standpoints are chosen especially as priority tasks - Employment of female employees, expansion of areas of responsibility for them and fixation of them in workplaces.
As part of maintaining an environment allowing the employees to continue working for a long time, a scheme was introduced in Fiscal 2015 granting temporary leave for employees allowing them to accompany their spouses when their spouses are assigned to overseas posts.
In Fiscal 2016, Kuraray will plan training programs to create a climate for promoting energetic activities by female employees and for enhancing career awareness of female employees, to satisfy both career development and household circumstances such as child rearing.

Scheme for Work-Life Balance

【Employment Systems and Average Working Hours】

Trends in Total Average Working Hours and Rate of Taking Yearly Paid Vacations (Kuraray)

Kuraray has instituted systems for flexibility in employment. These main systems include discretionary labor systems for adaptation to the nature of individual work, the “de facto working hour” system for out-of office work, and variable working hour system. We also have no-overtime days and are striving to improve the r ate of taking yearly paid vacations.

【Leave for Childcare and Nursing Care】

Kuraray has a scheme in place to support childcare and nursing care by its employees. In consideration of the timing of admission into a day-care center, employees are allowed to take childcare leave either until the end of April in the year after the child turns one or until the child is one year and six months old, whichever is longer. We recommend male employees to take childcare leave to encourage more fathers to get involved in child rearing.

Number of Employees Taking Leave for Childcare/ Nursing Care (Kuraray)
Fiscal year Childcare Male employees Nursing care
2011 35 22 0
2012 53 36 0
2013 59 38 0
2014 46 7 2
2015 48 18 2
【Re-employment System for Retirees】

A reemployment scheme has been established and is in operation for those employees who have left the Company due to childcare, nursing care or moving of residence because of job relocation of spouse, but who desire to work again.

【Employment of People with Disabilities】

Rate of Employment of People with Disabilities (Kuraray)

In addition to meeting the statutory employment rate (2.0%), Kuraray is supporting self-sustenance of people with disabilities in cooperation with communities and support groups for dpeople with disabilities.
Kuraray has opened workshops for people with intellectual disabilities in cooperation with local welfare facilities.

  • *The statutory employment rate for disabled persons was revised from 1.8% to 2.0% in April 2013.

Scheme for Management of Healthy Mind and Body

【Basic Policy for Occupational Health】

To provide a workplace environment where it is possible to work in both a physically and mentally safe and healthy manner, we formulated the Kuraray Basic Policy on Occupational Health.

Kuraray Basic Policy on Occupational Health

In keeping with Our Commitment, the Kuraray Group recognizes that ensuring the safety and health of employees and other stakeholders is the basis of a company’s business activity. Kuraray strives to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its employees and engages in health promotion activities.

【Mental Health Care Schemes】

Kuraray has four care schemes including schemes for self-care and line care in an effort to reduce mental disorders. Training for preventing mental disorders, a scheme for counseling, a system for scheduling work attendance taking time for mind and body rehabilitation into consideration for employees on temporary leave who desire to return to workplace and other schemes are in place and are implemented.

【Support for Health Improvement】

Enhancement of health awareness of the employees is promoted through personal guidance on health, promotion of health improvement campaigns and other means. “Health Improvement Operation” is carried out companywide urging the employees to voluntarily deal with improvement of their lifestyles. Health checkups featuring checkup items surpassing the checkup items required by laws are provided to find employees who need health improvement.

Relations with Workers Unions

Employees of Kuraray belong to the Kuraray Workers Union and the Federation of Kuraray Workers Unions, which is composed of all workers unions for Kuraray Group employees. Through venues such as labor management councils and councils on occupational safety and health, we engage in earnest consultation with representatives of these unions on various issues and work for their resolution through mutual cooperation.