Safety Report

Safety Activities

Occupational Safety

Realizing that the safety and health of its employees are the basis of business activities, the Kuraray Group aims to create safe and accident free workplaces by striving to enhance the safety level of each of its employees and organizations through appropriate implementation of its occupational safety management system. In Fiscal 2015, there were six lost time incidents of Kuraray Group in Japan, increased by one incident compared with the previous year. The frequency rate was 0.50.
On the other hand, criteria for lost time incidents outside of Japan differ from one country to another and assessment is made using an indicator called a frequency rate of all industrial accidents more severe than slight incidents, instead of lost time incidents. In Fiscal 2015, the frequency rate for Kuraray Group outside Japan was 7.26 and was lower than 9.82 compared with the previous year. Generally, the companies in Europe and North America undertake activities focusing on preventing severe accidents and the frequency rate of industrial accidents including slight accidents there tends to be higher than in Japan. In fiscal 2016, safety activity management will spread globally, aiming at lowering the frequency rate of industrial accidents outside of Japan.

Frequency Rate of Lost Time Incidents

Frequency Rate of Lost Time Incidents

Logistics Safety

To prevent damage to society at large caused by logistics accidents, the Kuraray Group is engaged in an ongoing promotion of activities to ensure logistics safety in the aspects of product shipment and storage.
Kuraray Logistic Safety Council, which is the core organization for this activity, marked its 15th year in 2015. In Fiscal 2015, examples of activities at logistics companies for the prevention of accidents in transporting hazardous materials were introduced. Specific measures taken in these activities were applied to similar processes and products and safety awareness among the Group employees was enhanced. (The activities were undertaken by nine companies outsourced for transport of hazardous materials)

Product Safety

The first paragraph of “Our Commitment,” a statement of Kuraray Group reads “We will constantly develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services.”
A working group centering on the CSR Division staff has been organized to study products that require a company-wide study of safety and to verify product safety. The products to be studied include those that are ingested in the body and that use nanomaterials. In Fiscal 2015, safety measures for workers, the environment and end users were deliberated for those development projects that handle such materials in accordance with the regulation on the handling of nanomaterials. As a result, appropriate safety measures have been taken.
Kuraray Group plans to further strengthen its mechanism in the future for studies of product safety in the design phase, to reliably continue the supply of safe products.

Chemical Substance Management

Kuraray Group is managing chemical substances using an information technology (IT) system. This system enable to be maintained allowing acquisition of information on related laws and regulations and on dangerous and hazardous properties by linking information on chemical substances such as registered raw materials and products to an outside database containing laws, regulations, safety properties of chemical substances and other information. This system will also allow making of material safety data sheets (SDS’s) and other documents.
In Fiscal 2015, the functions of the IT system to make SDS's for oversea countries were enhanced to better respond to oversea laws and regulations. And managers responsible for the management of chemical substances were appointed in the group companies in Japan and in the corporate divisions. Therefore periodic opportunities could be provided to these managers and their staff to share information. These actions ensure correct grasping of information on laws and regulations of the relevant countries and to take appropriate responses by the group as a whole,
Kuraray Group will further reinforce its organization for the management of chemical substances by proceeding cooperation such as information sharing related for management of chemical substances with Kuraray Group companies outside Japan, for more thorough compliance of laws and regulations and for higher quality of product information to be submitted to our customers.