Environmental Report

Approaches to the Environment

Effective Utilization of Water Resources

Trends in Waste Usage at Kuraray Group

Kuraray Group, including its overseas affiliates, is not engaged in production activities in areas in which water resources are scant and their business activities affect water sources of such areas.
The amount of water intake by the domestic Kuraray group excluding seawater is 69.8 million m3 per year and this level has remained nearly unchanged in the past several years. At some plants, water is reused such as heat recovery from hot wastewater and cooling water is reused as boiler feed water.
The exposure of the domestic Kuraray group to a water supply risk is low for the moment and a very large investment is needed to reduce the amount of water intake. For these reasons, the group has decided not to reduce its water intake, which would require an investment in equipment, but to reduce water consumption to the extent possible. The group will trace water consumption trends and will study the necessity for taking measures while saving its water consumption.
Compared with 2014, water consumption by our overseas affiliates slightly increased owning to an expansion in their production scale, thus lowering their environmental efficiency (53 with 100 for FY2010). This is caused by an increase in the manufacturing process of intermediates that does not directly affect sales.

Material Flow in Business Activities (Fiscal 2015, Kuraray Group in Japan)

The Kuraray Group uses large amounts of energy, chemical substances, and water resources in the course of its business activities.
We make quantitative surveys of used resources and emitted substances, and use this information to minimize the environmental load associated with our business activities.